Wednesday 11 December 2013

14.5th post for 2013: Islay & Jura: wildlife


Islay is notable in the winter for the geese in the winter and we saw thousands of  barnacles and white fronted geese.  Barnacle geese are named after goose barnacles which, in large groups, they resemble.  In the Middle Ages it was thought that the geese hatched out of the barnacles.  (Now I’ll have to go in search of goose barnacles!)

untitled (1 of 1)-2 T’s



My picture of a hare – and Terry’s

untitled-7-of-239_thumb T’s

146_thumb Barnacle geese and a hare



This is my picture of a woodcock and below is one of Terry’s

untitled-1-of-239_thumb T’s

untitled (1 of 1)-8 T’s



It was enchanting to see these choughs

069 Whooper swans

084White fronted geese

096 A diver in Bowmore harbour

untitled (77 of 239) Buzzard (T’s)

untitled (91 of 239) Dipper (T’s)

untitled (1 of 1)-15 Stonechat (T’s)

untitled (1 of 1)-3 Dunnock (T’s)

untitled (1 of 1)-29 Fieldfare (T’s)

untitled (1 of 1)-31

101 Seals


untitled (24 of 239) Roe deer (T’s)

untitled (124 of 239) Red deer stag (T’s)

057_thumb Seaweed eating deer

Saving the best for last (all T’s)

Juvenile White-tailed Eagle Golden eagle

untitled (1 of 1)-9

untitled (140 of 239) A telltale tail – an otter

untitled (1 of 1)-33

untitled (1 of 1)-24

untitled (1 of 1)-34

untitled (1 of 1)-35 Brilliant!

14th post for 2013: Islay & Jura: not wildlife (wildlife will be 14.5th post)

By the middle of October I felt the need for a break before Christmas.  Naturetrek  was running a “Beginners bird watching” trip to Islay & Jura in November and there was space.  There were only 5 punters and the guide, Terry.  The weather was reasonable and there were lots of birds, and the odd mammal.  Terry has sent me his wildlife pictures so, naughtily I’m including some of these in the blog.


On the way from Glasgow to Kennacraig – snow on the hills.

080 The Paps of Jura from Loch Gruinart, Islay

untitled (1 of 1)-13  At the Mull of Oa, Islay

114 Portnahaven, Islay

112 Sheltered gnomes at Portnahaven

106 The Kildalton cross: 1,300 years old and one of the finest early Christian crosses in Scotland

120 Packing crabs for Spain at Port Askaig.


012 Crossing from Port Askaig (Islay) to Fiolin (Jura)

014 The port of Feolin

045 Big lorry, little boat

047 Coming home from school

046 Life following art

035 The big ferry arriving at Port Askaig

030 The A846, Jura

039 Posing

043 The Paps of Jura


022 The end of the road on Jura

021 Eric Blair (George Orwell) wrote Nineteen Eighty Four at Barnhill.

142 The Paps of Jura

126 Craighouse – the “town” on Jura – a hotel, a distillery and a few houses.

129 View of the Paps at Craighouse



028 Murals in the bar at the Jura Hotel